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Easy to Remember Wound Care Responses


Wounds come in different sizes and complications. They can be animal bites, scrapes, cuts, or whatever. Some injuries are so minor that we don’t mind them unless we touch something that makes them sting. At the same time, others need the immediate attention of primary care providers. But before a medical professional reach the injured, someone must help them respond to that wound. That someone can be you.

As a walk-in clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, here’s an easy-to-remember wound care response step you can follow:

First, clean your hands. Washing them with soap and water or sanitizing them with a good amount of alcohol are the best options. Second, apply pressure to the wound. Use a clean cloth or bandages, if available, to avoid infections. After the wound stop bleeding, the next step is to clean the wound. Water and soap are the best combinations, but wound-cleaning solutions are acceptable, too. An optional step after this is applying antibacterial creams, only if available. Next is to protect the wound using bandages. An example is a band-aid for minor cuts, gauze, and dressings for more extensive wounds.

Injuries and illnesses are serious matters. It’s why we here in Cleveland Urgent Care are serious about providing injuries & illnesses treatment. We know how these simple things can escalate and worsen life. Thus, we work our best to provide the needed services.

Get your urgent care in Ohio from us!

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