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What Causes Dehydration?


You can experience dehydration for many reasons that can make you visit a clinic immediately. This condition could be due to excessive perspiration or a lack of fluids, impairing the body’s ability to function.

A rapid loss of bodily fluids can also be caused by vomiting and diarrhea. So can drugs that make you pee a lot. Moreover, mild dehydration can progress to severe dehydration if the early warning signs are ignored or adequate rehydration is delayed.

The only effective immediate treatment and express care for dehydration are restoring the fluids and electrolytes that have been lost. To know when you’re getting dehydrated, here are some causes you need to learn:

  • Insufficient Water Intake

    You can get dehydrated if you don’t take in enough water to replenish your body’s loss through sweating, breathing, and other biological functions.

  • Heat

    Dehydration can occur if you’re exposed to high temperatures for an extended period, such as exercising in hot weather or staying in a sauna for too long.

  • Prescription Medications

    Certain medications, such as hypertension diuretics and other specific medicines, may hasten fluid loss when managing your primary care.

  • Illness

    Diarrhea and vomiting are two ways an illness can rapidly deplete bodily fluid stores. Mild dehydration can rapidly worsen if the sufferer cannot maintain adequate fluid intake due to the symptoms.

Because of the potential dangers associated with dehydration, it is crucial to know what factors contribute to it. Cleveland Urgent Care can provide urgent care in Ohio if you think you require treating dehydration.

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