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Bronchitis: Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments

bronchitis-types-symptoms-diagnosis-and-treatmentsBronchial tubes are responsible for carrying air in and out of our lungs and irritation of the lining causes too much discomfort for an individual, a medical condition referred to as “Bronchitis”.

Hereunder are the types, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments of Bronchitis for your reference:

  • Types.

    Bronchitis can be acute or chronic. Acute Bronchitis is the type that improves within 10 days whereas the latter is a more serious condition that’s more common to smokers and needs immediate primary care.

  • Symptoms.

    Regardless of the type, a person who has Bronchitis will experience cough with varying duration. For Acute Bronchitis, cough usually lasts for only several weeks while for chronic, it usually takes for more or less 3 months. Other symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, slight fever, and chest discomfort subject for express care.

  • Diagnosis.

    Cleveland Urgent Care, your walk-in clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, specializes in diagnosis as well as treatment of Bronchitis and related illnesses. Come by at our clinic and we’ll start off with a physical examination then proceed with other tests depending on the results of your initial assessment. Chest X-Ray and Pulmonary Function Tests can both run the occurrence of Pneumonia. However, the former is best undergone if you’re a smoker and the latter will be recommended if there’s a need to measure your lung volume, capacity, flow rate, and gas exchange. Finally, Sputum Tests can obtain signs of allergies.

  • Treatment.

    Cough medications can sometimes suffice but in more serious cases, inhalers are prescribed to reduce inflammation. Referral to Pulmonary Rehabilitation Therapy in our clinic is also considered to help the patient breathe easily.

Our clinic provides urgent care in Ohio for accurate diagnosis and treatments of your condition. Contact us to get started!

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