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Prenatal Care for Expecting Women


The best way to ensure a healthy birth is to have a healthy pregnancy. This means getting early and regular prenatal care, which improves the chances of a healthy birth. As a provider of primary care in Ohio we provide various services for expecting women.

Here are some prenatal care steps you can follow to promote a healthy pregnancy:

  • Increased intake of folic acid and certain prenatal vitamins
  • Having up to date immunizations
  • Healthy weight management
  • Taking control and monitoring diabetes and other medical conditions
  • Having regular consultations to monitor the development of your baby

If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant, you may also consider avoiding the following, which may be harmful to your baby:

  • Smoking, drinking alcohol, and drug use
  • Certain medications which may be harmful to the baby
  • Coming in contact with toxic substances at work or home, including radiation from X-rays, chemicals, and feces
  • Sleep deprivation and stress
  • Taking very hot baths, using hot tubs, or saunas

Are you in need of laboratory services and prenatal care? Come and visit us at Cleveland Urgent Care. We’ll provide you with the first-class medical attention you need.

We provide various services, including primary care, drug testing, and urgent care in Cleveland, Ohio.

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