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An Allergy-Free Camping Trip this Summer

An Allergy-Free Camping Trip this Summer

If you have an especially sensitive immune system, you may need to take extra precautions when going camping, as some outdoor activities can trigger or worsen allergy symptoms. You can develop respiratory symptoms from simply swimming, hiking, or sitting around the campfire for too long.

As a provider of Primary Care in Ohio, we’ve made a list of tips and techniques you can use to achieve an allergy-free camping trip this summer.

  • Mosquito Allergies

    Besides the typical annoyance people feel, mosquitoes can also cause rather uncomfortable allergic reactions such as swelling, redness, and itching. Some people develop rare reactions such as hives, trouble breathing, and even anaphylaxis.

    To avoid this situation, you can wear long-sleeved shirts and pants or use mosquito-repellant. Bringing some antihistamines with you on your trip can also help.

  • Swimmer’s Itch

    This type of swimming allergy can develop after swimming in water that’s contaminated with parasites. This typically occurs in freshwater, where aquatic birds and snails are likely to live. Treatment includes topical corticosteroids and oral antihistamines.

  • Insect Sting Allergies

    Allergic reactions from insect stings can be incredibly lethal if not treated well. You can reduce the chances of insect stings by:

    • Avoiding walking barefoot
    • Cleaning up trash and leftover food

    Mild reactions can be treated with ice packs and oral antihistamines. For severe cases, however, Urgent Care in Cleveland, Ohio might be needed.

For reliable services, you may contact us at Cleveland Urgent Care for high-quality care and treatment.

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