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Weight Management Tips for You


If you want to reduce your appetite, lose weight fast and improve metabolic health, there are simple ways to do that. It might be hard to stick to a healthier eating plan and switch to healthier eating habits, but you can do that safely over time. How? Check out these healthy habits.

  • Cut back on refined carbs.
    Starting a low carb eating plan helps you burn stored fat for energy instead of carbs. Try to cut back on sugars and carbohydrates and replace them with whole grains. Research suggests that a low carb diet reduces appetite and leads you to eat fewer calories without minding about it or feeling hungry during the day. Before starting a diet meal, make sure to get yourself checked through laboratory services and ask for a physician’s professional advice.
  • Combine protein, fat, and vegetables.
    As much as possible, your meals shouldn’t be absent of fat, protein, and vegetables. Protein makes you feel full; you can always eat large amounts of vegetables without increasing calories and carbs. Don’t be afraid to eat healthy fats, too! They’re beneficial for your weight loss journey.
  • Increase your physical activities.
    Get up and get moving! You can try cardio exercises such as walking, jogging, running, cycling, or swimming. Going to the gym and lifting weights is also a great idea if you’re trying to lose weight. Ask for professional advice, and caregivers that provide primary care in Ohio can assist with your weight loss efforts.

Do you need assistance with weight management? At Cleveland Urgent Care, we can support diet planning, weight loss program monitoring, nutritional advice, BMI measurement/tracking, and more. We have other services from immunizations family care to urgent care in Cleveland, Ohio. Do you need more information? Contact us at 216-431-3733 today.

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